About Us

One Space for Every Team

Empowering businesses to stay organized in one productive space. The project
management app you have been looking forward to.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower teams with an effective and effortless
time management solution that hits productivity roadblocks and
helps teams to work better from anywhere on the globe.

Our Story

The founder of GIGS Timer was facing some serious issues in managing the team and analyzing their
productivity a few years back. After trying different team management systems and unsatisfactory
outcomes, he decided to come up with an application that can effectively manage tasks and ensure
better employee performance. In 2020, he introduced which lets team managers assign tasks,
stay updated on the progress, and employee performance with weekly and monthly reports of
every team member.

What Do You Get with GIGS Timer?

Providing the best of the best project management application to
businesses across the globe.


GIGS Timer ensures that your team is working
on all tasks without any obstacles. Helping you
deliver quality work in time.


Getting a hold of all the tasks and their updates
is not as easy as it sounds. With GIGS Timer, we
make sure you assign tasks and keep an eye on
their delivery without referring to your teammates.

Streamlined Processes

Is the task in progress? Has the team delivered
it? Are there any errors that need to be
resolved? Get rid of all these questions and stay
updated on all the projects with one project
management tool.


One of the major concerns of every
organization in the digital world. With GIGS,
keep the sensitive information secure. Trust
above all, so we make sure our clients have
privacy while working.

Get all your teams on the
same page with GIGS Timer