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Project Manager!

Our Features

Features that are tailored according to your business needs for best work
experience and better performance.

Align your Tasks and Stay Calm

Add or assign tasks, create projects and
streamline your daily business tasks.


You don’t write long and lengthy task details, simply assign tasks over a voice message.

Screen Recording

Explain the clear and brief details of any task by sharing your screen with Gigstimer.

Voice Communication

Now make it easy for you to collaborate with your team member and save your precious time.

Smart Chatbox

Work smartly by communicating with team members easily under the same platform.
push to task

See the Progression Anytime, Anywhere

Review team performance, see project details from any
device, anytime and you can also download reports.


Know the trend of employees’ overall projects and know where your business stands.


Get the information of all completed, overdue, and pending tasks in a single view.

Archive Task

Archive your completed task and clear your immediate list with new and updated tasks.


Mention the checklist within the tasks and mark them complete or delete them with just one click.

Focus on Things that Really Matters

Set your workflow, perform the right task at the right
time and stay focused on what comes next.


Mention customized labels & over any task to know about anything in a single view.

Priority level

Select the lowest to the highest priority of any task, so that you can focus on things accordingly.


Apply advanced filters over your task history and stay updated in the way you want.

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